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Simone Eiman, Life Coaching partner and guide here.

I help clients overcome self-doubt and build confidence by aligning with who they truly are, so that they live their full potential unapologetically.

You don’t need permission to live your life on your own terms!

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While DIY’ing your growth journey has given you some success, you aren’t quite where you want or need to be.
That’s okay!

But, what if you could elevate your growth journey and experience more fulfillment, freedom, and flexibility in your life and focus on what matters most to you?

Working with a soul-centered guide and partner helps you unlock your full potential. And gives you greater clarity about your purpose and who you truly are. With tools, processes, and intuitive guidance tailored to your specific needs, you are empowered to let go of old patterns, thoughts and beliefs weighing you down.

Unlock insights and make changes to experience a more authentic expression of who you are. Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities – you will be surprised.

Are you ready untangle yourself from:

  • Self-doubt or needing to please others all the time (prove that you’re capable)?
  • The emotional chaos, anxiety and frustration within?
  • Freezing or feeling tongue-tied when you need to speak up and communicate your wants, needs and thoughts?
  • Feeling the need to be perfect all the time (and constantly comparing yourself to others making you feel inadequate)?
  • Over-analysing and the negative internal chatter?
  • Chasing the same goals and never achieving them?
  • Continuous personal boundary violations (and the guilt or fear when you actually do say No)?

Then you’re at the right place.

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As founder of Emerald Connection Life Coaching, I’m on a mission.

A mission to break the grip of restrictive and outdated patterns of social conditioning and help create a new way of being for each of my clients. We’re so trapped in the shoulds and shouldn’ts and this goes against our unique grains. The fear, expectations, negative self-talk and thought patterns are like straight-jackets that restrict our authenticity.

Emerald Connection Life Coaching was born as the vehicle through which I help clients on their personal journeys. Helping them connect to and leverage their unique gifts and strengths to overcome self-doubt and fear that prevent them from taking meaningful action.

Read more about why I do what I do.

You’re not alone on this journey. I get it, believe me.

When I started my self-discovery journey it was quite a mish-mash. I decided enough is enough. With help I started clawing my way out of a very dark hole. It was not easy to face all my “stuff”.  But my coach created the space I needed to go there.

I connected with my courage and resilience which helped me push through anger, resentment, overwhelm, people-pleasing, feeling stuck and lacking purpose and direction.

Then my magic happened. Now I live my life on my terms. Understanding that I have within me what I need to push through whatever comes my way.


The rest of YOUR life depends on YOUR next step.

The combination of a safe growth space (based on trust, compassion and honesty) and your hard work creates the spark that makes YOUR magic happen!

It’s difficult to move on when baggage of the past is weighing you down. Now’s the time to reinvent yourself and create a new way of being so that you live your full potential.

It might not feel possible to you right now, but you have within you the power to redefine and transform your life.

Through our life coaching partnership you reinvent yourself to live your life soul-centred, confidently and unapologetically.

This partnership creates the space to allow you to dig deep to find your own strength and stability as you untangle yourself from old beliefs, fears and patterns.
The clarity that emerges paves the way for purposeful action that defines your life.


A non-cookie-cutter approach where processes, strategies and tools are customised for each client according to their specific needs.


Life coaching with me is a heart- and mindset shift.
A heart- and mind-aligned life is vital to transform and expand.


Body, heart, mind and soul: an integrated approach to find YOUR centre where you’re grounded, connected and balanced.

Read what my clients are saying about their coaching experiences:


 My clients are happy to share their Life Coaching stories however, due to the personal and sensitive nature of their work, only first names are used to protect their privacy.

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While I was a bit hesitant at first to sign up with a life coach as I thought it might be like traditional therapy, I was drawn to Simone because of the kindness and respect shown to me. She really took the time to understand me and provide me with the best guidance.  Through her empathy and ability to just really make me feel safe and to be able to be vulnerable and not feel judged, I felt supported, seen and heard.

I really appreciate everything Simone has done for me. She helped me face some really uncomfortable emotions and situations and I’ve been able to navigate that so much better now.  In the end, I became a better version of myself that is able to navigate life a lot easier.

Lorien (South Africa)

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When I began coaching with Simone, I was feeling very frustrated with and unclear about my business. I knew I wanted to make changes, but was completely lost about what.
Simone has been incredible in guiding me to tap into what my heart is saying, and in helping me get clear about what I want. She has taught me to trust my inner compass.
Simone has such a warm, gentle way which makes you feel completely heard and understood. It is so easy to trust and open up to her. And it’s been such a blessing to have her unique perspective on things.

I highly recommend Simone’s coaching. Working with her has been a beautiful, valuable, and amazing experience!

Debbie (Australia)

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My decision to hire Simone as my life coach was influenced by her reputation as a reliable life coach, who is keen to listen and who offers life-changing strategies to help you navigate your personal life. I was hesitant at first to invest in a life coach because I thought that the challenges I faced weren’t serious enough to engage the services of a life coach. Personally, trusting a stranger with personal issues has been a great barrier for me in the past. But, it was worth it in the end. Simoné helped me identify the barriers which were preventing me from achieving a number of goals I’ve been failing to reach for years.

She helped me along by asking the right questions. The best thing for me is that she left me to come up with the answers by myself. I felt safe and trusted Simoné. She is a consummate professional who always sees the bigger picture and is able to lean on a wealth of personal experience. She truly cares about your happiness. I looked forward to my weekly sessions. It became like a regular chat with an old friend who always has your back.

Harriet (South Africa)

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I think one of the things that surprises me most about my life coaching experience, is that the journey does not stop when my session has ended, in fact, that is when her magic truly reveals itself. It feels almost impossible not to implement the insights and learnings I’ve had through the questions and discussions with Simone. My self-discovery and journey toward the future I want becomes more tangible with each session. All of a sudden the avenues I have so far explored, from therapy sessions, to self-help books, and a plethora of esoteric pursuits have been ditched or shelved – they have proved very temporary and superficial thus far and have brought me no closer to my “Nirvana”.

I have a strong sense of accountability or rather excitement because I can feel her cheering me on – I have someone on team-Nanieve. Someone whose guidance I trust implicitly, she shares my joy with each little victory I make. Who would have thought cynical me could still “course correct” at the age of 53. I am so excited about what lies ahead. Wouldn’t want a better guide on this journey called life.

Nanieve (South Africa)

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The compassion and trust which I experienced through my sessions with Simone, have given me the courage to believe in myself. To know that “I am good enough”, and to realise that what I believed, can be changed.

It has opened my eyes to numerous possibilities on this new journey.

Wilma (South Africa)

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I never thought that I would have a life coach, I guess I didn’t see the need. However, my experience with Simone Eiman as my life coach was a mind shifting one. I started seeing and thinking about life a little differently. The first difference being that I was able to do something I was unable to do for almost 15 years. Not only was I doing what I needed to do for my health but for my family’s as well.

An important learning from my sessions with Simone, is taking baby steps towards your goal is more doable and once you feel that achievement, it encourages you to keep on going – consistency is key. And if you fall off the bandwagon, it’s ok, you can get back on again and try again. Simone’s approach is very caring and honest but at the same time she is able to push you so that you get over the barriers in your life to be a better version of yourself. I recall always having a WOW moment in my sessions, where I would just have to take a moment and absorb it all.

Faatimah (South Africa)

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Thank you for providing the space for me to meet and get to know MEMy journey started off as sessions that guided me towards discovering and cultivating my passion, but soon led to a never-ending journey of self-discovery, awareness and finally acceptance and appreciation. I articulated my true values and I learned to recognise my purpose in life. I learned that if I wanted to break the cycle of the impact one’s conditioning and childhood experiences have on one’s development, I had to be that change that I wanted to experience.

Our sessions provided a safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable and helped me to cultivate (and maintain) a mindset where:  I trust my intuition;  I love and accept myself as I am;  I am enough; I accept people for who they are without wanting to change them; I focus on the present; I view ‘setbacks’ as learnings instead of failures. My journey is nowhere near its end, the path taken to reach this milestone in my life has been invaluable. Thank you, Simone.

Kirstin (United Kingdom)

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My coaching experience with Simone was amazing. She was so attentive and really made you feel that nobody else mattered when chatting with her. Her insight and different perspectives on various subjects, whether work or personal, were so insightful.

She helped me overcome many self-limiting barriers that prevented me from achieving my goals. I’m forever grateful for our sessions and definitely achieved my desired outcomes and more from these sessions. I can visualise future goals easier as I have now experienced what it feels like to achieve my goals.

Moenieb (South Africa)

Ready to transcend what doesn’t serve you any longer?

Elevate your life through your personal spring-clean to clear out old habits, beliefs and thought patterns that don’t align with your true potential.

When you choose to live your life purposefully you choose to:

  • Live a confident, authentic and meaningful life: connect with who you truly are.
  • Appreciate that life is not about being perfect; but about continuous growth and progress.
  • Forgive, accept, love and value yourself unconditionally.
  • Live more self-aware and know your worth – you’re good enough, always
  • Stop trying to meet others’ expectations that cause you to feel less than, stuck and overwhelmed.
  • Let go of fears and inadequacy to enjoy freedom and a fulfilling soul-aligned life.

Is this what you choose for yourself right now?

Great! Let’s connect to discuss your options to rise with confidence to your full authentic potential.
Don’t withhold your unique essence from the world any longer.

Here are the life coaching services that I offer.

Emerald Awaken Authentic
 Woman Group Programme

A deep healing journey where you rewrite the stories that define you.  If you’re looking to connect to your personal power in a collaborative environment, I invite you to join this 6-week group programme.

5-Step 1:1 Emerald
RenewMe Programmes

Personalised programmes from 6 weeks to 3-6 months. This is for you if you’re looking to ditch self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, low confidence, fear and achieve what you truly desire for your life.

Let's connect and have a chat!

Let’s discuss your options in a free 30-minute exploratory session and see how working together can set you on your growth path.

This consultation helps you:

  • assess your needs and whether coaching is right for you
  • answer your questions about coaching and what I offer
  • understand what to expect if you work with me

Connect via email instead

Here are answers to some of the questions you might still need a bit more clarity on:

A life coach is a collaborative partner. Your life coach will help you on your life journey by holding you accountable. This means challenging you to always bring your A-game. As a result, you maintain continuous forward motion to reach the outcomes that you have set for yourself. Also, the life coach helps you uncover the obstacles that hinder your journey. The life coach also helps you to use your strengths and talents to enable the life you want. See a life coach as a cheerleader supporting you through your transformation process, the voice of reason and some who offers a different perspective.

It may be that at this point your desire to change is greater than your desire to maintain the status quo of your life. So anyone who has a desire to change and needs help through their transformation journey, hires a life coach. Whether you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated or going through a life transition, a life coach can help you. If you’re looking for help redefining your mindset and patterns, a life coach can help you with that too.

Yes you can and no you don’t.
The life coach can help you find direction through various tools, processes and techniques. With the coach’s guidance you create your own plan with specific actions to get you where you want to be.
If you already have a plan or general direction that you want to work towards, the coach helps you refine your plan and you build in your actions that will get you there.

It’s quite the opposite really: by recognising that you need professional help in certain, or many or even all aspects of your life, shows real courage and maturity.

So while you may “feel like a failure”, recognising that there is room for improvement will get you far. We feel like failures because we can’t / struggle to live up to OTHERS’ or society in general’s expectations.

This journey will allow you to discover and experience, amongst many other things:

  • Elevated self-awareness
  • A positive self-image and confidence
  • Clarity about what you want to achieve in your life
  • Identify and develop your hidden talents and abilities
  • Identify and remove obstacles blocking your progress
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improve your career path
  • Mind-set mastery fueling positive growth and transformation
  • Identify personal and professional goals with manageable plans/strategy
  • Purpose driven – be deliberate about the decisions you make
  • Conscious living and greater satisfaction in life
  • Increased Life balance / work-life balance
  • Improved relationships and communication skills
  • Connect to your soul purpose and sharpen your passion
Certainly not. If you are fully committed to your empowerment and transformation process, life coaching will help you grow into your greatness and connect with who you truly are. This process involves peeling back layers of conditioning, limiting assumptions, a misaligned value system and the negative rules that we employ in our lives.  Consequently, you are free and empowered to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

A life coach is not a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist of any kind that provides treatment for mental health issues such as depression, substance abuse or any other related issues. Life coaches are trained to facilitate your growth and transformation through specific tools, processes and practices. These help you evaluate your mindset and identify and overcome the obstacles that you are struggling with. Please seek out a trained mental health practitioner if you feel you need help with a serious problem.

If a client is working with a psychologist or counsellor, they may also work with a life coach in conjunction. Each of these focus on very specific dimensions of the person and can actually work quite well together for the client.

Life coaches do not dispense or prescribe medication.

Although face to face engagements are preferred by most people, online coaching engagements have many benefits. These include:

  • Clients can engage from any geographic location in the world.
  • The client can remain in an environment most comfortable to them – i.e. their home or even at the office.
  • The costs are much lower for both client and coach and stress resulting from traffic and other factors is minimal.

Because life coaching is a “non-physical” engagement, great success can be achieved virtually. With life coaching being a conversation between client and coach, only the face to face presence is missed, not the results.

Do you want to silence the negative internal voice (aka inner critic)?

This starts with understanding where it comes from and what activates it.


Download this free E-book which will help you:

  • identify the symptoms of your resident inner critic
  • overcome your inner critic by understanding yourself better
  • understand what causes the inner critic
  • identify your first step to overcoming the inner critic and live more empowered