Support to continue your journey of redefining and living your life authentically and unapologetically.

Let’s face it, life happens and throws us curveballs in all kinds of ways. 

Some of these curveballs we can easily handle and others throw us for a six. You know what coaching entails, but still need more support. You may find that you’re gradually slipping back into old habits or stuck in an unproductive mindset.

This is why you need some extra support and guidance  –  the purpose of the Emerald Authentic Alignment Accelerator.

Responding to change is a personal experience – there’s no general right or wrong way. But there is a way that’s right for YOU!  Figuring a lot of, if not most of it out, was done during our coaching journey. This was my honour to help you figure that out and execute your life plan.

But stuff constantly pops up in life and this accelerator supports your work toward consistently finding the right way for you to handle your real-life challenges. These challenges show up at work, in relationships (family, romantic, colleagues, friends, etc) and the BIG decisions we have to make.


So what do you get out of it?

I find my monthly check-ins with my coach and mentor an absolute necessity for those curveballs that I need a bit more support with.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from the Authentic Alignment Accelerator:

✅ self-care and burnout prevention: life balance, better habits

✅ accelerate your growth and boost your transformation by identifying potential blind spots

✅ identify and address unproductive mindsets and old habits that have crept in

✅ continue taming the inner critic and its judgemental and demeaning voice in your head: leaving projects half-baked or never starting anything

✅ navigate obstacles, challenging situations and BIG decisions

✅ recap topics from your coaching programme and life in general: driven BY you FOR you

✅ a support system that helps you to perform at your optimum potential

✅ prevent dropping back into old patterns

✅ connection with others on their/similar journeys

✅ opportunities to be mentored by me and the group: career, goals, etc

✅ goal-setting and goal-getting: establish priorities, action planning and achievement support

The Emerald Authentic Alignment Accelerator is open only to clients who have coached with me or are at least 50% through their coaching journey with me.

Here’s how it works:

90-120min group sessions. A safe space to tap into the support, collective wisdom and insights of the group.
With group coaching you experience a collaborative growth partnership with like-minded individuals.

Together with Q&A, Ask-Me-Anythings, HotSeats, there will be relevant topics discussed to accelerate your growth and transformation. Driven BY and FOR you.

Initially sessions will be conducted online to accomodate clients in- and out of town. This helps to keep costs down, provides our own comfortable and stress free settings.

⯀ X1 90min quarterly personal intensive
⯀ Additional options available
⯀ Access to resources
⯀ In-between-session support

Let’s talk investment options to join:


Upfront - 10% SAVING
R 4145
  • Includes:
    12 X Group Meets (90-120min)
    X4 Quarterly private intensives
  • Payment Plan: R4265
    Deposit: R2000 + 3 X R755
  • Additional private intensives:
    X6 per annum: R4790 (R4910)

    X12 per annum: R6755 (R6875)


R 385
  • Includes:
    1 monthly group meet (90-120min)
    X1 quarterly private intensive**
  • Additional private intensives:
    X6 per annum: R445**
    X12 per annum: R625**
  • **Note:
    To qualify for the private intensives you must attend the accelerator for consecutive months.
Emerald Connection Coaching and Consulting Guarantee Image

Your no-risk investment: 14-day guarantee:

If during the first month of the accelerator you decide that it’s not for you, you can get a refund.

FINE PRINT: Some questions may be asked, but only to seek feedback for improvement and not to intimidate you or change your mind. 😊

Wondering if this is right for you?

Connect with me and let’s chat through it and determine if this is what you really need.

You can either email or WhatsApp me.