A journey from who you’ve been programmed to be to your authentic self.

Go from … I should and must … to doing life that’s so (authentically) YOU!

Have you been DIY’ing your growth or trying to pivot but find you’re still:

❌ Feeling unfulfilled and empty because you prioritise others’ happiness over your own.

Struggling to achieve your goals because you give in to excuses or fear failing.

Leaving tasks to the last minute or undone despite their importance, getting stuck in a cycle of procrastination.

Feeling the need to constantly prove or improve yourself to be taken seriously.

Playing it safe and faking it until you make it but not getting very far and tiring yourself out.

Feeling drained by superficial conversations, craving deeper more meaningful connections and experiences.

Unable to stand up for yourself and feeling stuck and frustrated.


I get it – I’ve been there too.


I’m Simone Eiman, and I’m here to be your guide on this transformative journey.

Earlier in my life journey I found myself in a deep dark emotional hole. I felt overwhelmed, stuck, unmotivated, starting things but never finishing them, feared speaking up for myself, struggled with self-loathing, overly critical of myself and others, and the list goes on.

I never imagined that there was light out there.
However, through an empowering “get real” journey I transformed to be more and learn more. I learned to be more compassionate with myself, to embrace my imperfections, love every aspect of myself and to live with purpose and without apology.

If you’re feeling like it’s all too much to carry on your own, a heart-centred coach is what you need to guide you on your path of redefining, transforming and thriving. I invite you on a journey to awaken the authentic woman within.

I really want that for you!

Living a soul-aligned life empowers you to make strategic life decisions and take purposeful action to live authentically and unapologetically.

You don’t need permission to do life that’s authentically YOU!

Knowing the power of this journey, I created The Awaken Authentic Woman Programme to guide my clients through this process.

Each individual’s life journey is unique, but here are some common outcomes you can expect when embarking on this programme:

✅ build self-love, -acceptance and -awareness to recognise and believe in your inherent worth and express yourself authentically.

✅ create clear boundaries and communicate them effectively to navigate relationships and conflicts with confidence and integrity.

✅ identify and let go of the repetitive patterns that hinder your progress, so that you step into your full potential.

✅ quiet the critical inner voice so you embrace opportunities and pursue your goals with confidence and determination.

be confident in your decisions and actions instead of being limited by self-doubt, fear and perfectionism.

✅ tap into your inner strength and guidance to speak up for yourself instead of holding back and avoiding conflict.

✅ learn how to embrace change so that you can navigate life’s ups and downs with more ease.

A few highlights from clients who attended previous groups:

"I’m a lot stronger than I thought I am, since I confronted my nemesis and have confidence to do what I want."
"I have more clarity and don’t feel rushed/pressured since I dealt with the chaos in my head."
"I feel liberated after finding the lost aspects of myself."
"My relationship with myself is better and based on honesty. This also enables me to connect better with others."
"I appreciate and recognise the value that I bring. I am calmer, confident, own my world and appreciate my worth."
"Living mindfully: my thoughts, behaviour, understanding why I do what I do and how to change things for my better."

Does this sound like something you’d want to create in your own life?

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When you learn the importance of prioritising your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being, and trust your inner guidance to lead you towards what aligns with your truth, you tap into your wisdom and strength to create a sanctuary within yourself.

This journey empowers you to identify and break through the unconscious thought patterns, behaviours and beliefs that currently shape your experience and manifest as fear, resentment, not feeling good enough or worthy enough, etc. This process of release paves the way for a profound reconnection with your authentic self.

I invite you to join the 6-week Awaken Authentic Woman Programme, to reconnect with yourself and enjoy a life that lights you up.

Explore, heal and reclaim your power through my holistic proprietary Emerald Coaching and Healing Framework. You’ll receive personalised guidance, support and strategies to redefine, transform and thrive in every aspect of your life. This rich self-discovery process is a personal spring-cleaning programme to redefine and reinvent your life to embrace a renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and self-awareness.


  • 06 X weekly 120min group sessions

    Each session delves into the specific theme which is paired with reflective exercises, creative expression and Q&A for deep reflection, healing and insights to enhance your awareness and consciousness.
  • 02 X 60min individual coaching sessions

    Dive deeper into your personal healing journey with two 60-minute individual coaching sessions. Receive personalised guidance and support tailored to your unique needs, allowing you to explore and address challenges within your specific context..
  • Small groups - limited to 8 people

    Join an intimate group of like-minded individuals, with sessions limited to 8 participants. Benefit from individual attention and a supportive environment where you can flourish and grow at your own pace..
  • Programme workbooks

    Access comprehensive workbooks containing summaries of discussion points, reflective prompts, and personal exercises which provide valuable tools for your ongoing growth and development.
  • Attendance

    Online | Starting 09 May 2024 | R3850 | Early Bird: R2950 (closes 29 April 2024)

What to expect in group coaching sessions with me

Initial Session:
From this 1st session we start to build our relationship and create the energy for this space of growth and expansion. You will be oriented on the journey for the next 6 weeks and what to expect. This session is focused on assessing your current situation, identify lost aspects of yourself, and determine what you truly desire and what you can let go of.

We contract with each other on how we show up and contribute. You only share what you feel comfortable with. We engage in discussions, Q&A and some teaching as well.

Recurring 5 Sessions:
As we continue on our journey we delve into the specific theme for each week and build on discussions and insights from previous weeks’ work. This takes the form of reflective exercises, creative expression and Q&A for deep reflection, which brings healing and insights to enhance your awareness and consciousness.

By tapping into my intuitive guidance, I am able to read the group energy and provide guidance to make obscure and overwhelming concepts and emotions manageable and context-specific for you.

While I will always support you, you receive added support from the group. We will also challenge each other (without judgement) to bring our A-games and hold each other accountable to maintain momentum to reach the outcomes we have set for ourselves.

The Benefits of Group Coaching:

Join like-minded individuals in a safe space where you can tap into the support, collective wisdom, and insights of the group. A safe space where you can openly share your experiences, challenges, and insights and feel supported and heard as you navigate your growth journey.

You're not only accountable to yourself but shared commitment motivates you to stay focused and take action towards your goals. Celebrate successes together and receive support during challenging times. Harness the power of group wisdom and insights to propel your journey forward.

In these sessions, you have the opportunity to address personal issues in a confidential setting and explore your unique challenges and opportunities. The private sessions complement the group experience by offering space for deeper exploration and personalised strategies that align with your aspirations.

You are not alone on this journey.

This programme is built on my personal journey as well as the work I have done with my clients.
Understanding the depth and source of our personal power as women is crucial.

Embracing the unique balance of our masculine and feminine powers unlocks fulfilment and alignment beyond old patterns and behaviours. Enjoy the space with like-minded women to explore and grow at your pace while contributing to others’ growth and healing too.

The Awaken Authentic Woman Programme is not a cookie-cutter approach but offers a personalised journey for each individual. It is different based on:

Here’s the journey you'll embark on during the 6-week Awaken Authentic Woman Programme:

Client Insights

Faatimah says: “Being able to go from "I can't" to "I've done it" is a huge milestone, something I achieved through my life coaching sessions with Simone. Be prepared for a mind shift and many WOW moments in between.”
Wilma says: “The compassion and trust which I experienced through my sessions with Simone, have given me the courage to believe in myself. To know that "I am good enough", and to realise that what I believed, can be changed. It has opened my eyes to numerous possibilities on this new journey.”

Wondering if this is right for you?

Your commitment to your personal growth is never a waste of time. 

Yes, you may open yourself up and feel vulnerable for doing so. But, vulnerability is the bedrock for growth. The group provides a safe space where you will always feel held, heard and supported.

“Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage."

You have nothing to lose and an authentic and confident you to gain.

Say Yes! to:


Experiencing inner peace and handling life on your terms.


Building self-confidence and recognising your self-worth, acknowledging the value that you bring.


Identifying and silencing your inner critic and dealing with the internal chaos.


Building emotional strength to conquer fear, anxiety and uncertainty.


Standing up for yourself by letting go of things that hold you back.


Learning from and being guided by someone who’s been there.

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I believe that by releasing what no longer serves us – the beliefs, values, expectations, etc – we create space for a new way of being. This gives you the confidence to be yourself and feel more at home in your own skin.

It’s my desire to create an empowered and connected community of women – a sisterhood – who support each other in discovering their voices and the confidence to use them. Guiding each woman to uncover the magic of her personal power is my passion, and I cherish every moment of it.

It would be my privilege and honour to guide and support you on your journey toward standing tall, proud, and confident in the truth of who you are.

Are you in?

Investment options to join the programme:


Starting 09 May - 13 June 2024
R 3850


Early Bird R2950
(closes 29 April 2024)
  • Payment Plan: R3950.00
    Deposit: R1500 + 2 X R1225

    Early Bird Payment Plan: R3050
    Deposit: R1000 + 2 X R1025
    (closes 29 April 2024)
  • Double Up applies!
  • Sessions conducted on Tuesdays or Thursdays | 18h00-20h00
    on Google Meet


Bring a friend!

Book and attend with a friend and receive additional private coaching sessions.
  • 2 Additional 60min private sessions

    Total for programme = 4 private sessions
  • Valid when paying:
    Early Bird
    Payment Plan
  • Want even more 1:1 support?
    Add 4 additional 1:1 sessions to focus on your personal growth path - bringing your total 1:1 sessions to 6

    for additional R1800 (valued at R2900)
Emerald Connection Coaching and Consulting Guarantee Image

Your no-risk investment: 14-day guarantee:

If during the first 14 days of the programme you decide that it’s not for you, you can get a refund.

FINE PRINT: Some questions may be asked, but only to seek feedback for improvement and not to intimidate you or change your mind. 😊

Are you interested in joining the group? Here’s how to get started.

Click on the “Register Now” button to reserve your spot.

You will be directed to the registration form where you also indicate your payment preference, whether you’re attending with a friend and which day is preferred.

An invoice will be prepared and sent to you. Your booking is confirmed once your payment has been received. Documents that will accompany your receipt:  The Group Coaching Agreement (for signature).

On receipt of your signed Group Coaching Agreement, you will gain access to your folder which will contain the Programme Guide, the weekly workbooks as they are released and other group related content.

Still unsure if this programme is right for you?

OR Connect via email