Your personally tailored life coaching programme to become who you dream to be.

There is a way to transform your life and it starts with resetting your mindset. This 1:1 life coaching programme takes you through an in-depth personal spring-clean, helping you break free from fear and overwhelm in order to take steps to live life on your terms.

What would it feel like if you could live your life unapologetically and confidently step into your true power and purpose? How much longer are you willing to tolerate what doesn’t serve you anymore?

When you’re not getting the results you want, collaborating with a life coach will help connect the dots toward transformative change.


Collaborative Partner

As your life coach, I collaborate with and guide you on your life journey. This means challenging and supporting you to always bring your A-game (challenging but compassionate).

It means holding you accountable to maintain continuous forward motion to reach the outcomes you have set for yourself.

Shared Experience

Your journey is not a lonely one. You will always have me in your corner.

Your growth space is a safe, honest and non-judgemental one, which allows you to explore the life options best suited for you freely.

A Trusted Guide

Through the coaching process, I guide you to tap into your own inner wisdom to arrive at your own solutions, empowering you and hungry for the possibilities out there.


Life Coaching focused on mindset mastery. The secret key to making your personal magic happen.

I guide you through a personally tailored life coaching journey. Some common outcomes Emerald Connection clients have achieved after going through their programmes include:

✅ Switching their “always-on” inner critic from judgemental and destructive to a kinder, more constructive voice.

✅ Identifying and clearing the unconscious blocks that limit them from shining their personal power and potential.

✅ Increasing self-awareness and confidence: knowing their key strengths, motivators, blind spots and gifts.

✅ Reframing their belief systems to empower them.

✅ Gaining clarity and focus to identify and seize opportunities like starting new businesses, changing jobs/careers; levelling up at work.

✅ Learning how to set boundaries with confidence and without any guilt with family, colleagues, and friends.)

✅ Feeling more connected and building meaningful relationships (with family, as a parent, a friend, a colleague, etc.)

✅ Articulating their personal values which serve as a guidance system for purposeful and conscious living .

✅ Discovering their passion(s) and reconnecting to their soul purpose.

✅ Learning how to confidently speak their truth and contribute their unique value.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” – Paulo Coelho


Your self-discovery and life-scripting process through your personally tailored life coaching programme.

Through understanding your challenges, I’ll help you apply specific perspectives, techniques, tools and practices to transform your life to live confidently, purposefully and unapologetically. I will hold you accountable, while compassionately challenging and supporting you to always bring your A-game.

Here’s what’s included:

✅ 10 private 1:1 consultations over 2.5-5 months (60 or 90-minute sessions)

✅ Initial life strategy evaluation

✅ In-session and between-session activities, worksheets and processes

✅ Progress assessments: mid- and end of the programme

✅ Email and WhatsApp/Telegram access and support (9a.m – 5p.m)

✅ Exclusive online growth community

✅ Event invitations at discounted rates

TIMELINE:  2.5 – 5 month 1:1 programme

The programme duration depends on the frequency of coaching sessions, which can either be weekly or fortnightly.

INVESTMENT:  From R5000 to R7500

Upfront payment in full qualifies for a 10% saving.
Payment plans are available – please discuss this with me.

Clients’ experience of Emerald Connection Life Coaching

Wilma says: “The compassion and trust which I experienced through my sessions with Simone, have given me the courage to believe in myself. To know that "I am good enough", and to realise that what I believed, can be changed. It has opened my eyes to numerous possibilities on this new journey. Thank you so much, Simone!”
Kirstin says: “My journey started off as sessions that guided me towards discovering and cultivating my passion, but soon led to a never-ending journey of self-discovery, awareness and finally acceptance and appreciation. I articulated my true values and I learned that if I wanted to break the cycle of the impact one’s conditioning and childhood experiences has on one’s development, I had to be that change that I wanted to experience.”

So, how do you get out of the stuck-overwhelmed-loop and reconnect with your personal power? Here’s how it works.

The Emerald Renew Me Premium 1:1 life coaching programme takes you through a 4-step journey that helps you to step into your unique power.

In preparation for your life evaluation you will complete a pre-session questionnaire. This will provide insight into your current situation as well as where you want to go in your life – analysing the gap.


Once you know which direction you’re heading, we begin the process of identifying and weeding out the nasties that prevent you from moving forward. This reframing process replaces inhibitors (self-sabotaging beliefs and thought patterns) that work against you instead of working with and for you.

At this stage, you have started integrating new behaviours and actions aligned with your vision. You will articulate your personal value system as well as confidently live your life on your terms – purposefully and unapologetically.
You will feel more confident, self-aware and focused.

Your self-awareness and confidence enable you to step up authentically and in your true power. You embrace who you truly are and radiate the true power of your authenticity.
You have adopted a growth mindset as you view your life journey as a growth and self-discovery process.

“The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t, but in the things you’ve never considered doing.” ―Richard Bandler



There is a condensed life coaching package available that helps you kickstart your transformation. It’s perfect if you want to clear out and reframe specific beliefs or thought patterns that have been holding you back. Also, this package is ideal if you have limited time or investment ability and looking to “test” the life coaching process.

Talk to me and let’s customise a mini personal makeover for you based on your specific needs and investment ability.

TIMELINE:  6 sessions over 6-12 weeks
This depends on the frequency of coaching sessions.
Can be either weekly or fortnightly.

INVESTMENT:  From R3000 to R4500
Upfront payment in full qualifies for a 10% saving.
Payment plans are available – please discuss this with me.
Receive a discount when you sign up for Renew Me Premium 1:1 if you upgrade.

Powerful, Purposeful and Clear Direction. Get A Personalised Strategy To Live Your Life Authentically.

You can DIY self-growth and transformation, but you may only get half-way there. With a life coach, you will gain more traction to resolve issues you may or may not even be aware of.

I don’t tell you what to do but I do help you figure out for yourself what the best course of action is. It’s your life and your story after all. Own it fearlessly and unapologetically!

If you’re ready to get going, stop going around in circles and…

✅ Level up in your personal and professional life.

✅ Rid yourself of the old ways of thinking, being and doing that don’t work for you anymore.

✅ Break free from the real struggle between what you have to do and be and who and what you want to be and do.

✅ Live life guilt-free, confidently, more self-aware, motivated, inspired and fearlessly.

✅ Ditch the state of overwhelm, feeling stuck, frustrated, or lack of direction.

✅ Set appropriate boundaries in your relationships and life.

✅ Find the clarity to find a new job or career or start your own business.

…then book your Discovery Call now.

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Because you deserve deep inner joy and fulfilment.
The world needs your special spark.
There’s a reason you’re here.

Do you prefer the lively, interactive setting of group coaching instead?

Check out the EMERALD Renew Me Group Coaching Programme.