You’re here for a very good reason and your soul, your unique essence knows exactly why. When you’re connected to your unique self, you offer your gift(s) to the world.

Join a free 2-hour online Masterclass to help you discover how to align with your true purpose and offer your unique gifts to the world to live confidently, purposefully and unapologetically.

Thursday 28 July 2022

18:00 – 19:00

The feelings tugging at your heartstrings are that you are more, that there is more to living a soul-centred and fulfilling life.
You have a deep desire to connect to who you truly are, your Life Purpose. This connection means you know your true gifts, passions and natural talents and strengths and how to purposefully offer them to the world.

You have a special spark – a Divine spark that’s been buried. Without knowing it, this spark has been flickering your unique purpose and essence in this world. However, it’s been buried so deep under social conditioning and others’ expectations, that you almost don’t know it’s there. Being trapped in what you should and have to do as dictated by society, the roles we play and others’ expectations keep bumping up against what we’re actually here to do.

Be Powerful and Purposeful with Clear Direction.

Imagine what you’d feel like if you start on your journey and experience:

✅ more clarity and direction about your life purpose

✅ working in a job or career that brings you fulfilment and feeds your heart and soul

✅ the satisfaction of honouring the call of your heart and soul and discovering what you were born to do and be

✅ playing a bigger part in serving those around you, and no longer allowing your fears to sabotage you

✅ a deep understanding of what’s been blocking you so far (blockages like self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, fear, etc)

✅ a connection to your special gifts and passions and sharing them with the world

✅ the satisfaction of exploring and taking steps to make a living from your soul’s purpose

By embarking on this journey, you’re declaring your soul-centred intent to make an impact in the world.
I get that you’re thinking that your life purpose is out there or just a pipe dream and simply a luxury you can’t afford to pursue right now. Or you may be “waiting for a sign”. But, by not reconnecting to and following your life purpose, you’re holding yourself back from fulfilment and joy.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the masterclass:

✅  What Life Purpose actually means and how this differs from a career/job.

✅  There is a trail of clues from your past and personality and the different elements of your life that play a role in guiding your path and determining your purpose.

✅  How to transition into your Life’s Purpose.

✅  The importance of overcoming people-pleasing and caring what others think.

✅  Journal prompts on how to deal with resistance and follow your personal clues.

What's included:

You get a workbook which will get you started on your journey of discovery.

You’ll get 1 fully interactive 120min group coaching session | 28 July 2022.
PLUS a 60min private coaching session to help you connect the dots.

The masterclass is hosted online on Google Meet and you get access to the group recording until 04 August 2022.

It’s easier than you think. But, you need a guide.

For me, not aligning with my purpose manifested as depression, fear, never feeling like I belonged, and unfulfilled with my day job. Even though I was successful in my corporate career, I felt empty and unfulfilled because how I earned a living was not aligned with my personal values and life purpose and my deep desire to make a difference.
It was a long journey to the point where I made the decision to change course and follow my heart and soul. It was an easy decision to make when I honoured the song in my heart. Deciding to leave my career of 25+ years, and create a life based on who I really was, and what my soul called for – no demanded – felt liberating.
It was only when I fully showed up authentically in every aspect of my life, unapologetic for who I am, that I started to be acknowledged for my unique gifts and talents.


It’s really hard to live a fulfilling life if you’re going against your grain.

The only way is to connect to your purpose.

Bring your unique talents, passion and gifts into whatever you do. But first, you have to identify and clear the unconscious blocks that limit you from shining your personal power, potential and purpose. By overcoming your biggest fears and taking action, you start to live your life unapologetically and without compromise.

Recognise and tap into your strengths and innate talents and have the confidence to use these to make a living. This enables you to experience deep personal transformation and realise your power and contribution to the world. And this results in your confidently speaking your truth and contributing your value.

What are you waiting for?

Move Forward With Confidence and Purpose.​

Find your voice, and discover the untapped potential in your personal transformation story.

Tap into your unique spark and life-force to start and finish your projects, write that book, start that business venture and bring your dreams into reality.

Embrace your story and who you are to live an inspired and soul-centred life.