Secret Language of the  Authentic Woman

Group Programme

Be empowered to recognise your worth so that you can stand up for yourself confidently and without fear or guilt.

Connect with the powerful authentic woman inside.

She has all the wisdom you seek.


There comes a time when you’re ready to break free, but you don’t know how to or where to start.


I invite you on a journey to embrace your unique power and awaken the one within who:


🤍 knows how to stand up for, love, accept herself and prioritise her own needs

🤍 takes action in life that matters and feels true to her despite others’ judgment or opinions

🤍 feels powerful in her own life and accomplishes what she starts rather than feeling helpless to create the change that she desires

🤍 doesn’t quit and run and let opportunities slip through her fingers through fear, feeling undeserving or incapable

🤍 feels emotionally balanced because she is able to face uncomfortable emotions with ease and confidence

It might not feel possible to you right now.

You’ve DIY’ed changing things for yourself, read countless self-help books and have a gazillion affirmations you recite daily, but still not quite getting as far as you want to. You have the information but you don’t know what to do with it and make it work for you.

I get it! These were challenges I faced too.

Earlier in my life I went on my own personal journey and discovered my powerful authentic woman within. Even though that’s not what I set out to do initially.

I just wanted the world to stop so I could get off because I was so overwhelmed by feeling stuck, unmotivated, starting things and never finishing them, loathing myself, over critical and judgemental of myself and others, and the list goes on.

But, through this journey of empowerment, I learnt a lot about why I felt and showed up the way I did and with help was able to change my life. If you’re feeling like it’s all too much to carry on your own, you need a heart-centred coach to guide you on your path.

With the help of my coach and mentor my journey was a process of healing, forgiveness, renewal and letting go. I came out on the other side connected to my authenticity which enabled me to:


✅ love and accept myself: I believe in my own gifts and abilities which enable me to step fully into what I love doing

✅ respect myself to define my boundaries: enables me to better communicate them to others and handle conflict better

✅ learn to trust my own intuition: empowers me to stand my ground and not relying on others for direction in my life

✅ gain confidence and learn tools to manage emotions: helps me remain objective and balanced in my life

✅ believe in myself and stop playing small: enables me to ignore others’ judgements and expectations of my life and actions

✅ turn off the judgemental and demeaning voice in my head: instead of leaving projects half-baked or never starting anything I confidently go for what I want

I really want that for you too!
I know how powerful this journey was for me to create this change in my own life. Embracing all of yourself allows you to truly experience, share and celebrate what it means to be authentically YOU: confident, creative, sensual, nurturing, intuitive, courageous, compassionate, instinctive, sensitive, independent and liberated.

It’s time to reconnect with who you truly are and you don’t need permission for this!

Does this sound like something you’d want to create in your own life?

That’s why I created the 12-Week Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Group Programme so that you can experience that amazing transformation too. 

While each of our life journeys is unique, here are some of the common outcomes you can expect when exploring the Secret Language of the Authentic Woman:

✅ learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally so that you believe in yourself

✅ tap into your inner strength to speak up for yourself instead of holding back and avoiding conflict

✅ silence the judgemental and demeaning voice in your head so you are confident in your decisions instead of being limited by self-doubt, fear and self-judgement

✅ build trust and self-confidence so that you appreciate and believe in yourself, always knowing that you are good enough and have value to add

✅ embrace change so that you are not emotionally overwhelmed when you hit a wobble on your path

✅ understand and let go of the repetitive patterns that limit and hold you back: people-pleasing, fear, self-loathing, self-doubt, resentment, etc.

You, magnificent woman, are being called to step into your truth.

I assure you, you have within you the wisdom and intuition to create a place of safety for yourself, where you honour your deepest emotional and physical needs, always trusting that you know what is right for you.

Through this journey, you will be empowered to identify and break through the barriers that hold your authentic self back such as fear, resentment, not feeling good enough or worthy enough.

Ready to join the 12-week Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme, so you are empowered to recognise your worth and enjoy a fulfilled life that lights you and the world up?

Through this journey of deep immersion, you will explore, heal, and reclaim your true feminine power. This transformational programme will help you fully integrate your intuition, instincts, body, mind, and soul into your daily being.
Journey to the deepest part of yourself where you learn to trust yourself, your body and how to use your intuition to inform your decisions.


EMERALD CONNECTION LIFE COACHING Women who run with the wolves Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

This journey draws on the landmark work of Clarissa Pinkola Este’s book Women Who Run with the Wolves. We all love stories – and we grew up immersed in childhood stories. These stories had an impact on us – some positive and some not so positive. The stories and archetypal patterns shared in Women Who Run with the Wolves form the basis of the programme.

These stories are interwoven with healing and consciousness work to understand our own stories and empower us to change what we need to.  A unique experience to each individual, you will be guided through a rich self-discovery process. While your path is yours to navigate and not a one-size fits all approach, the journey is the Emerald proprietary framework, which is a journey of consciousness, integration, emotional vitality, healing and letting go.

This programme is a combination of group and individual coaching, education, discussion, creative expression, and celebration.

The programme is structured as follows:

✅  12 X weekly 120min group sessions
Each session delves into the specific theme which is paired with reflective exercises, creative expression and Q&A for deep reflection, healing and insights to enhance your awareness, consciousness and healing.

✅  04 X 60min individual coaching sessions
We go deeper to bring you the healing that is needed. These sessions expand on your experience and provide the space to go deeper within your specific context.

✅  Small groups – limited to 10 people
Groups are limited to 10 participants. An intimate group means you don’t get lost in the crowd and you receive individual attention and a safe space to flourish in.

✅ Programme workbooks with summaries of discussion points and your reflective prompts.

✅ Access to recordings of weekly sessions


You are not alone on this journey.

With like-minded women, you enjoy the space to explore your healing and growth at your pace while contributing to others’ growth and healing too.

The Benefits of Group Coaching:

Emerald Connection Life Coaching Group Coaching L.Page Benefits Card 1
Emerald Connection Life Coaching Group Coaching L.Page Benefits Card2
Emerald Connection Life Coaching Group Coaching L.Page Benefits Card3

The Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme is not a cookie-cutter approach, but a unique journey for each individual. It is different based on:

Step-by-step guidance through the weekly modules that take you through a process of deep reflection to identify and challenge where you’re at right now, clearing your path for growth and new ways of being through the reflective processes and techniques.

Deep and meaningful discussions to explore what matters to you and understand your inner world much better.

A blended coaching approach that offers you the best of group and individual coaching. This gives you the opportunity to explore issues that are too sensitive for the group context or to dive deeper into your personal journey.

Intuitive guidance on where you’re out of alignment with yourself and how to realign and recalibrate your energy.

Is this what you feel you need right now?

Client Feedback

Debbie says: “Simone has been incredible in guiding me to tap into what my heart is saying, and in helping me get clear about what I want. She has taught me to trust my inner compass.”
Kirstin says: “Our sessions provided the safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable and helped me to cultivate (and maintain) a mindset where: I trust my intuition; I love and accept myself as I am; I am enough; I accept people for who they are without wanting to change them; I focus on the present; I view ‘setbacks’ as learnings instead of failures.”
Lorien says: "She helped me face some really uncomfortable emotions and situations and I've been able to navigate that so much better now. Through her empathy and ability to just really make me feel safe and to be able to be vulnerable and not feel judged, I felt supported, seen and heard. In the end, I became a better version of myself that is able to navigate life a lot easier."

Here’s how you’ll journey to learn the Secret Language of the Authentic Woman:

The programme is designed to guide you through a step-by-step process that systematically draws you to focus on the fundamental issues that you struggle with and are holding you back. This enables you to create more of what you want in your life and do what you may have been struggling to achieve for a long time.

Below is an overview of the journey:

Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme Journey 1
Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme Journey 2
Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme Journey 3
Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme Journey 4
Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme Journey 5
Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme Journey 6

I look forward to guiding you on a journey that will empower you to:

✅ Nurture yourself and tap into your inner strength, guidance and support so that you feel more at home and at ease in your body.

✅ Embrace your femininity as a source of strength so that you have a stronger sense of self.

✅ Access your own internal truth, clarity and wisdom so that you know what needs to shift and what needs to change.

✅ Have the courage to let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer and create the change you want in your life.

✅ Learn to fully value who you are by silencing that always-on inner critic.

✅ Connect with a community of like-minded women who share and support you on your journey.

✅ Build your self-confidence and use your own voice instead of always holding back and playing small.

✅ Learn to let go of others’ expectations, validations and judgement.

Client Feedback

Faatimah says: “Being able to go from "I can't" to "I've done it" is a huge milestone, something I achieved through my life coaching sessions with Simone. Be prepared for a mind shift and many WOW moments in between.”
Wilma says: “The compassion and trust which I experienced through my sessions with Simone, have given me the courage to believe in myself. To know that "I am good enough", and to realise that what I believed, can be changed. It has opened my eyes to numerous possibilities on this new journey.”

Wondering if this is right for you?

Your commitment to your personal growth is never a waste of time. Yes, you may open yourself up and feel vulnerable for doing so. But, in a safe space created for the group, your vulnerability is actually a strength. A source of strength for yourself and the other participants. How? You go where the healing is needed and create the space for growth.

If you’re at a critical point in your life right now, deeply committed to your personal growth and ready to live your life without:

❌ Feeling unfulfilled and empty because you do or say things that make others happy at your expense because you fear their judgement or rejection.

❌ Not achieving your goals because you give in to excuses or settle for less, or not sure why you keep trying but still don’t get very far.

❌ Faking it until you make it without doing the inner work because you think the feelings will eventually go away (THIS NEVER WORKS!)

❌ Not knowing why you leave things undone or to the last minute despite knowing that they’re important.

❌ Going around in circles searching for answers but you don’t know which questions to ask or doubting what’s really important to you.

❌ Flipping through self-help books wondering why it isn’t working for you.

❌ Not standing up for yourself and stuck pleasing other people, fear to do things, self-loathing, self-doubt, anger, resentment, etc.


Then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Explore and learn the secret language of the authentic woman so that you can:

💚 experience happiness and inner peace and handle life on your terms

💚 build self-confidence and recognise your self-worth to appreciate the value that you bring

💚 identify and silence your inner critic

💚 build emotional strength to overcome fear and uncertainty

💚 stand up for yourself by letting go of everything that has been holding you back

Hi! I’m Simone Eiman and I’d love to be your guide on this journey.

This programme is built on my personal journey as well as the work I have done with my clients. Through these practices, I was able to help others and myself discover the powerful authentic woman inside.

I understand the importance of knowing the source and extent of one’s personal power as a woman. Because what’s on the other side of the old patterns and behaviours is so much more empowering and fulfilling when you fully embrace your feminine power.

I truly believe that by letting go of what doesn’t serve us any longer (the beliefs, values, expectations, etc that hold us back), we create space for allowing in a new way of being. This gives you the confidence to be yourself and feel more at home in your own skin. Your deepest inner knowing knows what’s right for you and is the compass to your dreams, desires, and aspirations.

It’s my desire to create an empowered and connected community of women who support each other on their journies of discovering their own voices and the confidence to use it. Helping each woman to grow into their authentic self and discover the magic of their personal power is what I do. And I love it.

It would be my privilege and an honour to guide and support you on your journey of becoming so that you stand tall, proud and confident in who you truly are. Are you in?


Investment options to join the programme:

Early Bird

(27 June-26 July 2023)
R 3840

  • Payment Plan: R4045.00
  • Deposit: R1000.00
  • 3 X R1015.00

Normal Pricing

(27 July - 11 Aug. 2023)
R 4800

  • Payment Plan: R5000.00
  • Deposit: R1250.00
  • 3 X R1250.00

Double Up!

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  • 2 Additional 60min private sessions
  • Applies to all offers
  • 05 June 2023 - 11 Aug. 2023

SUPER Early Bird

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R 3360

  • Payment Plan: R3565.00
  • Deposit: R1120.00
  • 3 X R815.00
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Your no-risk investment: 14-day guarantee:

If during the first 14 days of the programme you decide that it’s not for you, you can get a refund.

FINE PRINT: Some questions may be asked, but only to seek feedback for improvement and not to intimidate you or change your mind. 😊

Still unsure if this programme is right for you?

Get in touch so we can figure it out together and I will answer your questions or concerns.