Work with me to transform your life

Unless you have a compelling vision for your future, you might find it challenging to transform your life. You can certainly become purpose-driven and deliberate about your life’s decisions. Which means living an empowered life through continuous growth. So how do you get there? Your commitment, a life coach and a personalised life roadmap will get you there. My transformative life coaching programme helps you break through the barriers that limit your potential. I guide you in creating the change needed to transform your life. However, this is not a cookie cutter approach, but a programme uniquely tailored to you. Above all, clarity of focus, accountability and 2-way feedback anchors your growth journey.

Your personal programme defines the territory that you will traverse to transform your life. Self-limiting beliefs, limiting rules, behaviours and thought patterns prevent you from achieving what you want in your life. More importantly, it limits who you really are. During the coaching process, we identify and dislodge these to create a suitable environment for your transformation.

“The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t, but in the things you’ve never considered doing.” ― Richard Bandler

2 Options to working with me to transform your life

1:1 Coaching

Individual life coaching with me involves a series of private consultations – the number of which depends on the package you opt for. We will work with a range of both in-session and between-session activities and processes to address specific life outcomes and changes that connect to your gifts, your passion and your power. These lead to living your life with purpose, while experiencing deep inner joy and fulfilment.

Through this transformation, you connect to who you truly are. Most importantly, your commitment to self-work will help you gain insights into current patterns and obstacles and where change is needed to achieve the specific outcomes you set to transform your life. See the Life Coaching Process below to get an idea of the process you’ll follow. The 1:1 Life Coaching Packages are further down this page.

Go ahead and schedule your free Discovery Consultation. We’ll chat about your life vision and goals and how working together can empower you to achieve what you desire and deserve in life.

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Group Coaching

If you prefer a more lively and interactive growth experience in a group setting, then the EMERALD Mindset Reset Group Coaching Programme is for you. It’s been designed to help you:

  • reset your mind and unlearn those habits and beliefs (self-sabotaging) that hold you back
  • silence that inner critic
  • access your authenticity and be who you truly are all the time
  • switch your default setting from hunger for approval to a passion for growing and learning new things
  • thrive on challenges to stretch and grow and achieve what you desire and know you deserve, but self-confidence is lacking
  • gain clarity, focus, a fresh start and direction in life
  • craft a compelling life vision
  • reframe your default setting and understand what your blocks and blind spots are

The Life Coaching Process to Transform Your Life

Emerald Connection image for Phase 1 of life coaching process


You realise there’s more, that you are more. But you need help to start on your journey of self- discovery to more meaning and fulfilment in life. Or you have a specific goal/outcome that you would like to achieve.

Emerald Connection image for Phase 2 of life coaching process


We evaluate where and who you want to be. Next we identify the potential barriers to your growth. This becomes your roadmap to make the required changes.

Emerald Connection image for Phase 3 of life coaching process


We address amongst many other aspects: your life vision and related action plans, core identity, self-limiting beliefs, value system, communication, action planning …and more

Emerald Connection image for Phase 4 of life coaching process


Dependent on your desired outcomes, you are driven by your desire to always be and do better. You will understand that taking responsibility for all aspects of your life, drives your empowerment.

Schedule your free 30 minute Discovery Consultation

Coaching sessions are currently conducted online only

One-on-One Life Coaching Packages

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Emerald Focus (1-2 month package)

This is a focused short programme that can be structured to suit a specific need or outcome that you want to achieve.

It is mostly used as a supplement when Emerald Premium programme has been completed. Or if you are preparing for a new challenge or venture, specific decision-making and problem solving. It is also suited if you are gearing up for a life transition that is coming up soon.


  • 4 coaching sessions over 1 or 2 months, depending on frequency (either weekly or fortnightly).
    You can select 4* X 60mins OR 4* X 90mins
  • Email support between sessions
  • Short-term goal setting
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Emerald Express (3 month package)

A condensed version of Emerald Premium, perfect if you are preparing your life plan that includes all your goals (financial career, health and wellness, personal development, etc).

Or if you have identified specific beliefs or thought patterns holding you back. With this process we identify and change the limiting beliefs that are inhibiting your growth.

This package is also used as a supplement to the Premium programme upon completion.


  • 6 coaching sessions (fortnightly)
    You can select 6* X 60mins OR 6* X 90mins
  • Email and chat support between sessions (weekdays between 9am and 5pm)
  • Short- and long-term goal setting
  • Membership to private personal growth community (Facebook)
Emerald Connection Life Coaching image by Calle Macarone on Unsplash

Emerald Premium (6 month package)

This package takes you through an in-depth personal spring-clean. We start with a life evaluation and determine the gap to where and who you want to be. This allows us to map your desired outcomes. The next step is to begin mastering your mindset. Together with this, begin integrating the actions and behaviours required to get to your destination. Importantly, we will identify and modify blockages that inhibit your growth.

For your life map, we will work on aligning your desired outcome / goals to your personal values, beliefs and rules. This creates your “location pin” on your life map. Enabling you to eventually achieve your life vision and purpose. This becomes your personalised life strategy. In addition, we will also work on the technical skills and competencies required to level up.

This represents the basic structure of the programme. However, I tailor programmes specifically for each client.


  • 15 coaching sessions (fortnightly)
    You can select 15* X 60mins OR 15* X 90mins
  • Email and chat support between sessions (weekdays between 9am and 5pm)
  • Short- and long-term goal setting
  • Progress assessments: mid- and end of programme
  • Access to private personal growth community (Facebook)
  • Event invitations at discounted rates

*The first life evaluation session is free for all 3 packages.

Prices and payment options are discussed during the Discovery Consultation