Connect to who you truly are and commit to your life vision.

Go from stuck to free, from overwhelm to perfect-whelm

Make the shift to live an inspired, unapologetic and purposeful life.

Right now you are looking for a change because the old ways of thinking, being and doing just don’t work for you anymore.

You’re feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, not to mention low or no self-confidence, self-doubt and uncertainty. And let’s not even get started on breaking through the barriers and limits of conditioning.

You’re looking for a way out, to break through the overwhelm, and move forward in life personally and professionally. You crave living a more inspired and purposeful life – whether professionally or personally.

In your heart, you believe that you are more; that you have purpose and are dying to tap into your own truth and power.

Hi, I’m Simoné Eiman.


I’m a solopreneur, transformational coach, eternal personal transformation enthusiast, mentor, analyst, blogger, avid reader and multitasker. Although I recently “officially” started my life coaching practice, throughout my life I was “unofficially” a life coach to colleagues, friends and family. I was always the go-to for objective advice and counsel and even strangers would say “I’m not sure why I’m telling you all this”.

The leap into private practice was a culmination of corporate experience, the “unofficial” and the official life coaching. While it was daunting leaving the comfort of the corporate nest, I had a plan and the conviction that this is the right path. So I rolled up my sleeves, put up my life coaching certification and took on the roles of transformation coach, MD, finance person, marketing person, office manager, tech person, webmaster and beverages manager.

Mistakes, I’ve made a few. Wins, I’ve had quite a few. This solopreneur journey wouldn’t be possible without the support of people in my corner, cheering me on and sharing insights experiences, templates and how-tos with me.

My goal is to facilitate a supportive growth environment for clients to redefine and transform, to show up in their uniqueness while living fearless, inspired and purposeful lives. By combining my professional experience, education, training, and my own journey on the road to self-discovery, I will guide you on yours.

You don’t need permission to be who you’re truly meant to be.

Your essence, your unique secret sauce is needed in this world.

I want you to experience the life that you dream of for yourself and who you dream to be. It’s not your fault that you have been subjected to the social conditioning that dictates who and how you should be. 

As a result, your true essence has been buried so deeply. It’s no wonder you’re fighting against this and experiencing frustration, overwhelm and feeling stuck.

There is a way to change all this: changing your mindset, changes your life. The beautiful part is that we control our minds and therefore we can dictate our own terms.

I understand that taking the first step to change often fills us with dread and anxiety. So the plans you have for your life just remain dreams. If you have no idea where to start to make a change, but you really want to, you’re in the right place.


2 Options to working with me to transform your life


OPTION 1:  One-on-One 4-step Emerald Renew Me Programme

A premium transformational personal spring-cleaning programme for individuals who want to redefine and reinvent their lives to live purposefully, confidently, and unapologetically – making the shift happen.

You need someone who will guide you to break through and go from stuck, lacking direction, frustrated and overwhelmed to confident, motivated and fearless. Breaking through gives you more clarity and focus to live life on your terms. This is a non-cookie-cutter approach, where you personally tailor your life vision by setting a clear practical path to follow on how to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

What to Expect from Each Session
  ✅  Your action steps that move you forward
  ✅  Share your insights and learnings from implementing your action steps
  ✅  Open and honest coaching conversations with your step-by-step process after each session

Timeline: 2.5 – 5 months one-on-one programme
The programme duration depends on the frequency of coaching sessions, which can either be weekly or fortnightly.

Investment:  From R4750 to R7125
We work this out together and I will prepare a custom proposal for you.
Upfront payment in full qualifies for a 10% discount.
Payment plans are available – please discuss this with me.

OPTION 2:  Emerald Mindset Reset Group Coaching Programme


Reset your mind and mastermind your own mental prison break.

If you prefer a more lively and interactive growth experience in a group setting, then group coaching is for you. This is a 12-week online group coaching programme for individuals who want to tap into the power of group coaching and the benefits of social learning (and unlearning) so you can begin to shine and stand in your own truth.

When you break through the blocks and beliefs that keep you bound to fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, procrastination, and low self-esteem, you connect to your inner strength. This programme delivers the power of group coaching and the benefits of social learning (and unlearning) so you can begin to shine and stand in your own truth.

EMERALD CONNECTION LIFE COACHING Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

Timeline:  12-week group coaching programme
Weekly coaching sessions over 3 months.
PLUS weekly individual 45min laser coaching sessions with me

Investment:  From R4550
This is the discounted upfront payment amount.
Payment plan available.

Not sure which option is right for you?

I invite you to schedule an introductory, 30-minute, no obligation chat to discuss your goals and see how working together can help you make the transformation you desire a reality.

The Life Coaching Process to Transform Your Life

Emerald Connection image for Phase 1 of life coaching process


You have a specific goal/outcome that you would like to achieve or you need help with an anticipated or current life transition, feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, lacking direction in life and you just want more for your life. Your next step: Make contact to chat through your options and the way forward.

Emerald Connection image for Phase 2 of life coaching process


After signing up to coach with me, we evaluate where and who you want to be or achieve. Next we identify the potential barriers to your growth. This becomes your roadmap to make the required changes.

Emerald Connection image for Phase 3 of life coaching process


Each session has specific actions based on what helps you achieve your goals and life vision/desired outcomes. We address and align amongst many other aspects: your life vision and related action plans, core identity, self-limiting beliefs, value system, communication, emotional intelligence …and more.

Emerald Connection image for Phase 4 of life coaching process


Dependent on your desired outcomes, you are driven by your desire to always be and do better. You will understand that taking responsibility for all aspects of your life, drives your empowerment.

Schedule your free 30 minute Discovery Consultation

Coaching sessions are currently conducted online only