Life coaching services to help you transform your life.

Live more inspired and purposefully.

Embrace all of who you are because you are good enough. Most importantly, you bring your unique essence to the world and when you radiate that power to the world, it is better for it.

DIY-ing your growth will only get you to a point. You need a soul-centred guide and partner to help you:

💚 build confidence to stand up for yourself and prioritise your own needs

💚 take action in life that matters and feels true to you despite others’ judgment or opinions

💚 feel powerful in your own life and accomplish what you start rather than feeling helpless to create the change that you desire

💚 build resilience to not quit and run and let opportunities slip through your fingers through feeling fear, undeserving or incapable

💚 feel emotionally balanced because you are able to face uncomfortable emotions with ease and confidence

This is where I come in. I help you connect the dots toward this transformative change.

But, before I get into the life coaching services that I offer to help you get there, let me tell you just a little more about myself.

I’m a mindset and consciousness coach, eternal student, mentor, analyst, blogger, avid reader and a multitasker.


Throughout my life I was “unofficially” a life coach to colleagues, friends and family. I was always the go-to for objective advice and counsel and even strangers would say “I’m not sure why I’m telling you all this”. Little did I know that this unofficial role was practise to sharpen my talent, skills and passion.

So, the leap into private practice was a culmination of my life coaching certification, corporate experience and the “unofficial”. While it was daunting leaving the comfort of the corporate nest, I had a plan and the conviction that this is the right path.

So I rolled up my sleeves and took on the roles of coach, MD, finance person, marketing person, office manager, tech person, webmaster and beverages manager.

Mistakes, I’ve made a few. Wins, I’ve had quite a few. This solopreneur journey wouldn’t be possible without the support of people in my corner, guiding, cheering me on, sharing insights, experiences and how-tos.

Through my life coaching services, my goal is to facilitate a supportive growth environment for clients to redefine and transform, to show up in their uniqueness while living fearless, inspired and purpose-centred lives.
By combining my professional experience, education, passion and my own journey on the road to self-discovery, I have developed a 5-step transformation process to guide you on yours.

When you’re not getting the results you want collaborating with a life coach will help you live your life without:

Failing to standing up for yourself and stuck in people-pleasing, fear, self-loathing, self-doubt, anger, resentment, etc.

Flipping through self-help books wondering why it isn’t working for you.

Procrastination, fear, guilt or worrying about others’ expectations, validations and judgement.

Feeling dissatisfied and frustrated because you do or say things that make others happy at your expense because of fear of judgement or rejection.

Not achieving your goals because you give in to excuses or settle for less, or not sure why you keep trying but still don’t get very far.

Faking it until you make it without doing the inner work because you think the feelings will eventually go away (THIS NEVER WORKS!)

Going around in circles searching for answers but you don’t know which questions to ask or doubting what’s really important to you.


I've been there. Working through these challenges puts you on a path to experience:

happiness and inner peace and handling life on your terms

self-confidence and trust in yourself

emotional strength to overcome fear and uncertainty

your authentic power and letting go of everything holding you back

A life coaching partnership with me gives you that as I serve you through being:

Collaborative Partner

As your life coach, I collaborate with and guide you on your life journey. This means challenging and supporting you to always bring your A-game (challenging but compassionate).

It means holding you accountable to maintain continuous forward motion to reach the outcomes you have set for yourself.

Shared Experience

Your journey is not a lonely one. You will always have me in your corner.

Your growth space is a safe, honest and non-judgemental one, which allows you to explore the life options best suited for you freely.

A Trusted Guide

Through the coaching process, I guide you to tap into your own inner wisdom to arrive at your own solutions, empowering you and hungry for the possibilities out there.


Emerald Awaken Authentic Woman Group Programme

Recognise your worth so that you can stand up for yourself confidently and without fear or guilt.

On this 6-week transformational group coaching experience, you will be empowered to identify and break through the barriers that hold your authentic self back such as fear, resentment, not feeling good enough or worthy enough. The power is yours to rewrite the stories that define you.

If you prefer a more lively and interactive growth experience in a group setting, then group coaching is for you. This 6-week group coaching programme delivers the power of group coaching and the benefits of social learning (and unlearning), so you can begin to shine and stand in your own truth.

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Five-step Emerald Renew Me Premium Programme

Powerful, Purposeful and Clear Direction. Get a personalised strategy to live your life authentically.

The Emerald Renew Me Premium Programme offers you the personalised guidance, support and strategies you need for your growth and transformation. This is an exciting journey to embark on where you will be guided through a rich, self-discovery process.

This is not a one-size fits all approach, but uniquely tailored to your needs and goals. I will guide you while compassionately challenging and supporting you. The journey is based on my 5-step Emerald Renew Me Transformation Framework.

If you’re ready and willing to commit to your transformation, then this Premium programme is for you. A personal growth journey may be difficult at times, but you certainly don’t have to do it alone.

See it as a personal spring-cleaning programme to redefine and reinvent your life to live purposefully, confidently, and unapologetically.

The Emerald Renew Me Premium Programme is your personally tailored life coaching programme to become who you are meant and dream to be.

You can DIY self-growth and transformation, but you may only get half-way there. With a life coach, you will gain more traction to resolve issues you may or may not even be aware of.
I don’t tell you what to do but I do help you figure out for yourself what the best course of action is. It’s your life and your story after all. Own it fearlessly and unapologetically!

Some common outcomes Emerald Connection clients have achieved after going through their programmes include:

✅ Silencing the “always-on” inner critic – the source of self-doubt, self-judgement, perfectionism, etc.

✅ Moving from fear, anxiety and restlessness and building self-awareness and confidence.

✅ Identifying and seizing opportunities (starting new businesses, changing jobs/careers; levelling up at work) through clarity and focus.

✅ Feeling more connected and building meaningful relationships (with family, as a parent, friends, colleagues, etc.)

✅ Embracing all of who they are – even the “unlovable” parts they’ve learnt to bury/hide.

✅ Confidently speaking their truth and contributing their unique value through the authentic and complete expression of self.

✅ Discovering their passion(s) and reconnecting to their soul purpose.

✅ Managing their emotional well-being to cope with life’s challenges.


Emerald Renew Me Booster Package

Looking for something a bit lighter?

A condensed life coaching package that helps you kickstart the shift to redefine and reinvent your life and start living purposefully, confidently, and unapologetically.

  Starting you on your journey of building confidence and emotional resilience, this package is ideal if you have limited time or investment ability and looking to “test” the life coaching process.

Perfect if you’re:

  • preparing your life plan that includes all your goals  (financial career, health and wellness, personal development, etc)
  • or you’re facing a specific life transition
  • or if you want to clear out and reframe specific beliefs or thought patterns that have been holding you back.

Client Feedback

Debbie says: “Simone has been incredible in guiding me to tap into what my heart is saying, and in helping me get clear about what I want. She has taught me to trust my inner compass.”
Kirstin says: “Our sessions provided the safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable and helped me to cultivate (and maintain) a mindset where: I trust my intuition; I love and accept myself as I am; I am enough; I accept people for who they are without wanting to change them; I focus on the present; I view ‘setbacks’ as learnings instead of failures.”
Lorien says: "She helped me face some really uncomfortable emotions and situations and I've been able to navigate that so much better now. Through her empathy and ability to just really make me feel safe and to be able to be vulnerable and not feel judged, I felt supported, seen and heard. In the end, I became a better version of myself that is able to navigate life a lot easier."

Not sure which of my life coaching services is right for you?

I invite you to schedule a free introductory, 30-minute, no-obligation consultation to discuss your goals and see how working together can help you make your transformation a reality.

Coaching sessions are conducted online and in-person (in-person Cape Town only).