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I hope that you enjoy these resources and that they contribute to your growth.  Keep at it, it’s worth it!

FREE 5-Day Self-Care Course

In this transformative 5-day self-care course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn practical strategies to prioritise your well-being.

This course goes beyond traditional notions of self-care, emphasising the importance of nurturing the body, mind, heart, and soul.

The course is completely free, and you can sign up to receive daily course materials and resources via email.

Guided Relaxation Meditation

Emerald Connection Life Coaching Guided Relaxation Meditation

Relax and let go of tension, stress and anxiety. Sleep better. Connect with your body. This guided 14 minute relaxation meditation is perfect for anyone who needs some calm in their life. The meditation will help you relax and gently ease you into connecting with your body in the present moment.

So find a quiet space, put your headphones on and enjoy.

Great for beginners and all levels.

Are you wondering what life coaching is all about?

Emerald Connection Life Coaching Cherry's Case Study Image

This case study of 1 client’s process will help you get an idea of what life coaching entails through her journey to level up personally and professionally to progress to where she wanted to be in her career.

Read about the problem/goal she approached me for help with, the process we followed, the outcomes and the role of the coach in the process.

Play Video

This video gives you an inside look at what life coaching is about and the outcomes you can expect.

Read about the process and the role of the coach in the coaching relationship.

Duration: 01:14mins

Self-discovery journal prompts

If you’re seeking some direction and want to get to know yourself better or learn what to journal about your self-discovery, I’ve got what you need.

This list of 30 self-discovery journal prompts will help you start to:

  • get clarity on your personal values, plans and priorities
  • explore your thoughts and feelings
  • understand what you need to let go of / forgive yourself and others for
  • and much more

Get back into your life’s driving seat

Emerald Connection Life Coaching Take Control of your Life 10questions Image

Do you feel or just know that something is missing?  And have no idea where to start and focus your energy.

Reflecting on where you are right now in your life gives you the opportunity to identify the gap between where you want to be and where you are right now.

Download this guide and discover where in your life you need the most improvement. While we can’t control what goes on around us, we can control the choices we make and how we show up.

Connect to Your Life Purpose


Download this reflective guide to help you start following the clues to reconnect with your life purpose.

This E-book contains reflective exercises to help you start digging deep to discover who you are and what your life purpose is.

Don’t hold back, every experience and bit of information is important. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to discover your unique purpose.

Practical steps and strategies to silence the negative inner critic


Do you want to silence the negative internal voice (aka inner critic)?
This starts with understanding where it comes from and what activates it.

Download this free E-book which will help you:

  • identify the symptoms of your resident inner critic
  • overcome your inner critic by understanding yourself better
  • understand what causes the inner critic
  • identify your first step to overcoming the inner critic and live more empowered

Taming the negative inner critic

Duration: 00:14mins

On a daily basis our inner critic shows up saying things that you would never say to another person and you feel no control over this invasive voice powering your thoughts and expectations.  This video looks at:

  • the origin of the inner critic.
  • the truth about perfectionism
  • the self-defeating cycle: you vs inner critic
  • the effects of the negative inner critic
  • 4 steps to start taming the inner critic
  • bringing about a new way

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How to “sit with your emotions” – a 5-step process

We learn who we are in the stillness of our process. Sometimes we stay stuck because we have no clue which way is up. Other times we are lucky to have insight (which we dig deep for) to navigate our way. This article covers:

  • feel and be aware of the emotions / feelings
  • create an emotionally supportive environment
  • letting go
  • acceptance
  • the role of a coach

Understand YOUR WHY for personal change


Know your motivator or ignore it and stay stuck.
This e-book contains worksheets and reflection exercises to help you on your journey to discovering what is blocking the change you desire in your life. 

Download this free E-book which will help you:

  • shift your focus in the right direction
  • what’s inhibiting you: understand which wolf you’ve been feeding up until now
  • the stages of change

If you’re not getting the traction you want or just need guidance connecting the dots, we should probably talk. Let’s chat to explore how working together could get you where you want to be in your life.