Is it important to live or leave a legacy? 5 ways to reflect on your legacy

Emerald Connection Legacy post feature image by Blake Richard-Verdoorn on Unsplash“Legacy is not leaving something for people, it’s leaving something in people.” – Peter Strople.

When we think about leaving a legacy, we usually think about estate planning or the memory of who we were. It’s important that we feel we mattered somehow and that we existed. So basically, this applies to when we are dead. The practical aspects of estate planning are important, but are certainly not the be extent of your legacy.

Leaving a memory is important to us and is driven by a need to circumvent the termination of our physical existence. It becomes a life goal for many, but only in a physical sense. Therefore, the question for me boils down to: is it really important to live or leave a legacy? My sense of leaving a legacy is based on how I actually live my legacy. How I weave my contribution into the lives of others while I am on earth.

The legacy of the heart matters most

Looking at the quote above, a wordy epitaph by no means suggests one’s true impact on the world. Sure, it may provide archeologists with insights into our society a few centuries from now. It may also show that you mattered somehow. However, there is more value when you look at the epitaphs embedded on people’s hearts. This impact results from your contribution to people’s growth and expansion throughout your life.

A direct result is a generational legacy as we acknowledge and recognise each other’s earthly purpose. The acknowledgement thus helps us live our lives fully. Therefore, by contributing to others’ earth journeys you may ignite others’ need to do the same.

Sharing your legacy through connectedness

Essentially it is about our connectedness. This means helping and inspiring each other to truly be the best expression of our souls. We can make this contribution if we really know who we are – our gifts, talents and strengths and how to develop and use them in life. This self-awareness allows us to radiate our unique power (our true essence) to the world.

By fully expressing my soul essence, the lessons that I am to learn on this earth will enrich me to become better at it. In turn, this inspires others to connect to and radiate their own essence. Who we become in this lifetime is ultimately how we will be remembered. Therefore, to leave a worthwhile legacy, you have to know who you are for it to count.

Here are 5 ways to reflect on your own legacy:

Your legacy in review and the work it entails

  • Mind-mastery through questioning and redefining our paradigms and relinquishing the restrictions of social conditioning.
  • What do we stand for in life? Evaluate our value and belief systems and implement liberating systems and rules that drive our decisions and behaviours.
  • Recognise and nurture our strengths, abilities and gifts and how we express this as our power. This gives us clarity and meaning in our lives. It also enables us to be purposeful with our time and resources and what we want to teach and pass on to others and future generations.
  • Identifying what matters most to us and how it impacts others around us.
  • Being kind to ourselves and each other: recognising each other as equals in this human form to live our earthly experience.

The Takeaway

To conclude, the epitaph on the hearts of others is what matters most in living and leaving a legacy. Essentially, you will live your legacy through your contribution to the world around you. In determining how you make this contribution, ask yourself how you would like to be remembered and start living that way. Don’t just ask yourself how the people in your immediate circle and those beyond will remember you. Reflect on what they are acknowledging and honouring about you right now (while you are still alive). So, live your legacy to leave a legacy.

I would love to hear your thoughts about your legacy and how you define and live it. Read how I have defined my legacy.

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