The (real) truth about being an authentic woman

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This blog post was inspired by several posts on social media flying around about women not being acknowledged for contributions to science, astronomy and whatever field in academia. I have a different perspective on how women should be celebrated. It starts with women celebrating who they truly are and recognising and acknowledging their individual power. As an authentic woman, you must recognise and acknowledge the power of the feminine energy as much as you recognise the masculine energy.

Regardless of assigned gender, there is a divine spark (of equal import and Divinity) in each of us. Each of us has a purpose, no one less than the other. Our connection to something greater and more Divine means that we are equal in spirit and purpose. Yet women are rated second-class citizens; the sad thing is it’s accepted that way.


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When we think of yin and yang in Chinese philosophy and the masculine and feminine, it is about interconnected elements that exist in balance and harmony. Should either one overpower the other,  it’s out of balance. This is so true about the appreciation and recognition of the power of the feminine energy. As a result, we and society at large are left unbalanced, which has consequences of its own kind.

Let’s look at women in the corporate world, for example. The “corporate game” is dominated by masculine values. As women, we believe that if we show up in an aggressive, masculine-inspired way, we are suited to play the game with “the boys”. You are betraying yourself (and other women) by playing by these rules to get ahead.

When you change the playbook you’ll learn that a power suit or power haircut does not give you power. So by sticking to “their” playbook to get ahead in corporate, you perpetuate existing stereotypes, downplay the power of the feminine energy and in turn diminish your own power that you are trying so hard to assert.


The answer is knowing who you are and what your purpose is and this gives you the power to stand in your truth – an authentic woman. This power is about living by your own rules and teaching the world around you. By changing the playbook you begin to show up in your authenticity in this world. That’s how we will change society: not by talking about what we want, what it should be and how women should be treated. You cannot change the world from the outside in.

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You start the change within yourself which then ripples out to change the world around you. When we are who we are meant to be we will be:

  • mothers who teach our children the same
  • husbands/partners sharing all of who we are with each other
  • partners/spouses who respect and honour each other in our roles together on this journey
  • employees who stand in our power and contribute to the businesses that align with our values.


I feel very passionate about this topic and for this reason, I have developed The Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme to help women do just that. This programme is a powerful deep healing journey designed to rewrite the stories that define you. It will help women discover who they truly are so that they are able to stand in their own truth. Read More here.

You have a choice and the power rests with you. You, magnificent woman, are being called to step into your truth. You have within you the wisdom and intuition to create a place of safety for yourself where you honour your deepest emotional and physical needs, always trusting that you know what is right for you.

I invite you to come along to discover The Secret Language of the Authentic Woman Programme. And that secret language is your soul song, it’s how you express your feminine energy authentically, how you change the world and create balance.


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Embracing all of yourself allows you to truly experience and celebrate what it means to be authentically YOU: confident, free, creative, sensual, nurturing, intuitive, courageous, compassionate, instinctive, sensitive, independent, and receptive.  It’s time to reconnect with who you truly are and you don’t need permission for this!

To bring about the change in our society, we must start creating balance within ourselves – our own yin and yang. Then we are able to balance masculine and feminine energies that exist in harmony within our society.  As the phrase goes: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. What are you creating for yourself? Be who you are, who you want to be. Be OK with how you show up in life, regardless of what others say or frown at.

Everything we do to feed our souls, our curiosity and our desires is how we sing our soul song.
Rise authentic woman, rise!

If you need help connecting the dots let’s have a chat.

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