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Power over your mind is the first step to reclaiming your personal power. As Marcus Aurelius said centuries ago: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Our world has woken up to a new reality after the difficult time we’ve all experienced with lockdown, masks, work from home, death, illness and fear. All this change and uncertainty has shoved us off our axis and caused us to feel out of balance and disconnected.

We could dwell on the negative or downside of what has happened and is happening. Or we could focus on the opportunities for us to grow and perhaps take a different path in our lives. The purpose of this post is to help you start your journey to reclaiming your personal power and creating a new normal for yourself.

There is a certain energy of and desire for change and growth we’re experiencing right now. And I’m sure you’ve experienced some pressure to look at your current situation of being, doing and thinking. What has been the outcome of your reflection? Are you struggling with this? Then read on.

Reclaiming your personal power starts with a decision

It’s time to change, time to tap into and use your most precious personal currency – your personal power. This personal power is the essence of who you truly are. Connecting to that essence, the real you, is a choice.

This connection is what gives you the power to live and show up purposefully, confidently, and unapologetically. What I’ve realised is that my personal power radiates to the world and is not about being like someone else or not being like someone else. It’s about being aligned to your true essence where being you comes naturally. By comparing yourself or your life to others, there will always be a sense of lack and this feeds beliefs of inadequacy (topic for another day).

Setting up a supportive environment for yourself is vital when you step into action. Remember, you are part of this support system and you draw on your own strength as well. When I work with my clients, it is so important for them to understand their own internal resources. How will you reclaim your power and take control of your life?

It’s all about where you put your focus


What you focus on drives your energy. If you focus on the negative, you experience more of it. While a focus on the positive and opportunities tunes your energy to that of growth, transition and transformation.

So, to take control of your life means taking stock of where you are right now and where you want to be. Taking stock means looking at where the gap is. But, how do you figure out what that gap is? How do you push the reset button?

Here’s a do-it-yourself workbook with questions to guide you with starting your self-exploratory journey.
👉 Download the free guide here.


Since the world around us is changing, it’s time to recalibrate and choose the thoughts and actions that set us up on our path to shed old patterns of thinking and being and embrace the new possibilities on offer.
This journey of self-exploration is not an overnight, quick-fix process. Each aspect of our lives requires deliberate effort and needs your courage and self-honesty.
You have a choice – so make it count.

I hope that by working through the self-help guide, you will start your journey to reclaim your personal power and create a new normal for yourself. Remember: “Personal power is the ability [and willingness] to take action.” -Anthony Robbins.

Would you like hands-on guidance on evaluating the gap to get to where you want to be and start a journey to reconnect with the lost aspects of yourself? Then join my 6-week group programme:  Awaken Authentic Woman where you go on a “get-real” journey to shed what’s not serving you any longer and build a new way of being.

Or, book an introductory strategy call – this free, 30 minute chat is to discuss your options and see how working together can get you started on reclaiming your personal power.

I would love to hear what your adaption strategies have been and what the questions are that you are grappling with.

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